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I'm Phil! American living in Japan. Teacher. Ex-independent professional wrestler. Student of Japanese. Traveler. Article writer for Mythic Scribes. Also written four manga, novels, and various short stories and poems. For my fantasy-related blog, check out http://www.philipoverbyfantasy.blogspot.jp/.


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Friday, October 16, 2009

A New Frontier

Welcome to my new home on the web, I suppose. I'm a small-time writer/teacher/nomad that has been living in Japan this past year. I am primarily known for stuff I've done at The New Absurdist (the on-again, off-again strange/weird/random website for writing) and have recently been popping in and out of different forums, discussing writing and general strangeness.

I am a general fan of weird fiction primarily absurdist, bizarro, splatter, and anything that makes me laugh. My writing style changes often, but I have a restored love of fantasy fiction as well as a desire to study history a lot more than I have in the past. I used to be an independent wrestler in Mississippi for three years and I have lots of strange stories to tell on that front as well. I hope to use this blog for posting reviews of stuff I am reading, talk about what I'm writing, help promote authors I like, and talk about my experiences living in Japan.

I've recently been pushing to hopefully win the Bulwer-Lytton Award, which is an award that is received for the worst opening for a fake novel. I also plan to participate in National Novel Writing Month for the second year (I hit 50,000 last year!) and I will post my progress with that here as well.

So I hope to give reviews of books, random crap, stories about my journeys, and maybe dig up some old wrestling stories.

This will be THE blog for any information about me!

I also blog over at The Sphere sometimes, which is a good website for networking writers www.thesphere.ning.com

So stay tuned for some random crap from me!

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