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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Japan Hammer: Writing Manga

I always have been interested in writing but never thought I would write anything that would be visualized. That has changed recently as I've been working on a manga over the past several months called "Wanderer." The premise is this: demonic creatures from the "other side" are sent as "exterminators" to cleanse the earth of humanity to presumably make way for a new race.

To see my vision of a post-apocalyptic world visualized and in Japanese is rather surreal. I'm not doing the art or translations, but being part of this team is great for me.

Does this mean I'm giving up writing traditional stories? No. Just won't be as much I suppose. I have tons and tons of ideas suddenly, stuff that has been lying dormant in my head. Now that I can see my ideas visualized it just seems so much more amazing to create for me.

So the first manga we did together is pretty dark. But the second one I'm writing now is lighter, has more of that "Phil" humor everyone loves so much (I guess).

Anyhow, 2011 I will be spending more and more time on manga. It's really fun! If anyone has any character ideas, send them my way and I'll try to include them in the next manga.

Mata ne!

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