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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Drill Bits: Looking Towards 2012

So, 2011...Hmm...

I got married. Which has been awesome.

There was a massive earthquake in an area I used to live in. That was bad.

Radiation. Bad.

Ongoing trouble with back pain. Bad.

What else happened?

Worked on manga. Good.

Worked on stories. Good.

Uh...what else?

Went to a lot of awesome wrestling shows. Great!

Lost touch with a lot of friends. Bad.

Got back in touch with lost friends. Good.

Taught some English. Uh...good?

Learned some Japanese. Good.

So what am I doing in 2012? I don't know. Here's some ideas.

1. Work on more manga
2. See more wrestling shows
3. Train to be a knight (yes, really)
4. Teach more English
5. Be married and be nicer!
6. Finally find out the source of this mystery back pain

That's about it.

2011. Some great things. Some good things. Some bad things.

2012. Let's do it.

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