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Friday, October 19, 2012

10/19/12: How to Find New, Cool Things

This time I'll be talking about how to discover new things in my four favorite topics:  fantasy writing, video games, Japan, and wrestling.

So here we go!

1.  How to Find Cool New Authors

a.  Amazon-I find the vast majority of books that I buy just by surfing through Amazon.  Their recommendations are usually pretty good, so if something piques my interest, I'll give it a shot.  Sometimes I'm kind of baffled by the recommendations, but for the most part they're decent.

b.  Goodreads-I haven't gotten into this site too much, but I feel it's probably one of the best places to connect with other voracious readers and find similar tastes in books.  If you can link up with someone you trust, then you can find tons of good books that way.

c.  Blogs-Random blogs sometimes have great recommendations.  For instance, this blog!  I recommended lots of great writers in my last post, so check them out if you trust me!

d.  Authors You Like-Oftentimes, authors you like will support other authors or mention them in interviews.  I found Jack Vance through interviews with George R.R. Martin, and I've been really enthralled with his Dying Earth stories. 

e.  Wikipedia-Everyone's favorite source for random articles, this is a great resource for finding other books you may like in a certain genre, as they'll sometimes list a lot of similar authors under articles.

f.  Forums-My favorite forum, Mythic Scribes (www.mythicscribes.com) is a great resource for hooking up with other readers and writers.  I also dig Fantasy-Faction which has some great content and articles to find new fiction.  I found out about Mark Lawrence there (whose book Prince of Thorns is listed above), who I'm excited to read at some point in the near future.  

2.  How To Find Cool New Games

a.  Youtube-There are tons of great folks that review games on Youtube, including popular publications like IGN and Gamespot.  One of my favorites tends to be Angry Joe.  He does really good video game reviews and doesn't pull any punches.

b.  Amazon (again)-Not the best resource for finding new games, but it's still helpful at times.

c.  Twitter-I found out about Dishonored, a game I really want to play, through Twitter believe it or not.  The trailer was so awesome, I was like "Whoa, I need this game."

d.  Just Going Shopping-One of my favorite things to do is just go shopping for games.  Sometimes I'll stumble across something that looks cool just from looking at the box art and back of the box description.  Can't go wrong there!

3.  How to Find Cool Japanese Stuff

a.  Again Youtube-There are tons of great vloggers who discuss Japanese stuff on Youtube.  They're pretty easy to find.  Some discuss learning language, culture, or just general topics.

b.  Japanese forums-While not my favorite places to visit due to the usual overwhelming negativity, you can find great advice for living and traveling in Japan if you go to places like Dave's ESL and Gaijin Pot.  Just be ready to wade through some crap to get there.

4.  How to Find Cool New Wrestling

a.  Youtube-Boy, I sure do love Youtube!  Dailymotion is also a good place to find some quality wrestling vids.

b.  Support Indy Shows-Just go to shows!  You may find something in your local area that you like.

c.  WWE's Library-I'm sure finding WWE's In-Demand service can hook you up with all sorts of classic wrestling.  Since WWE owns practically all of wrestling, it's worth a shot.

d.  Facebook and Twitter-If you are fans of specific wrestlers, they usually will post links to shows they are working and have worked at.  Just from word of mouth, I found CHIKARA, ROH, and SHIMMER, which I've all enjoyed to various degrees.

This is from CHIKARA.  Once seeing Kota Ibushi in action, I've since seen him in DDT and New Japan Pro Wrestling where he has excelled.  Finding wrestlers you like and following them to various promotions can open up your wrestling world a bit more.

OK, that's it for this time!  Thanks for reading and leave a comment if you have any of your own suggestions.

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