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Monday, October 8, 2012

10/8/12 Update: Fantasy, Japan, Games and Wrestling

I haven't posted a blog in a bit, but I'd like to get in the habit again.  There are basically four things I'll talk about on my blog:

1.  Fantasy Writing-books, articles, movies, etc.
2.  Japan-life, learning, etc.
3.  Games-video games, RPGs, etc.
4.  Wrestling-US, Japan, and whatever else I find

I'd like to focus on all four of these topics throughout my blogs.  So starting today, I'll discuss what I think about various thoughts about these four topics.  I'll probably post once every couple of days, or a week, just to update some cool links, videos, etc. that I've found pertaining to these four topics.  I'll share my thoughts on them as well.  If one of these topics isn't interesting to you, you are free to skip them of course.  :)

But I'd like to cover my main passions in life and hopefully keep them interesting for others.

For my first "new" blog, I'll discuss some things I'm interested in at the moment.

1.  Fantasy:  Article!

I wrote a new article for Mythic Scribes discussing Creative ADD in which other ideas infiltrate current writing projects.  You can check it out here:   http://mythicscribes.com/inspiration/crush-creative-add/

For now, I'm working on my current novel and finally made a break-through after struggling a bit.  I'm planning on doing National Novel Writing Month in November and already have some plans to discuss that.

2.  Japan:  Learning Japanese Again

So I go back and forth on learning Japanese now and again.  It looks like I'm going to give it a solid go again.  I'll either be learning from my wife or I'll be taking lessons in the coming months.  In addition, I'm going to join a gym for the first time in my life so I can work out and see how that treats me.  Things are looking good for the time being so let's just hope work doesn't crush me completely.
Any motivation to study is greatly appreciated.

For now, for people studying Japanese in Japan looking for a Japanese teacher, I highly recommend Labochi.  I haven't had a teacher from here yet, but you can find one pretty easily.  Just put in your preferences, and then you'll start getting offers from teachers within a couple of days.  I'm interested to test this out if things with my wife don't pan out.  Check it out!


3.  Games:  Monster Hunter Portable 3G and Dragon's Dogma

Looks like I'm in a Capcom mood at the moment.  I'm playing Monster Hunter Portable 3G (long title) with help from the wife in Japanese.  It's quite a slough, but I think I'll really enjoy it.  Waiting on Dragon's Dogma to come as well.  I've seen lots of reviews for it and I think the positives outweigh the negatives.  I'll be sure to update my thoughts on it when the time comes.

In the meantime, check out this footage from Monster Hunter Portable 3G (only in Japan!)

And here is some footage from Dragon's Dogma, which I'm pretty excited about.

4.  Wrestling-New Japan and WWE

New Japan did its first U-STREAM international PPV tonight here in Japan and I hope it did great numbers.  I'd really love to see New Japan broaden their horizons even more.  They're my favorite company in Japan and I've neglected puroresu for quite a while now.  Going to a show is long past overdue.  For news on New Japan in English, check out their Facebook page.

New Japan: English Facebook Page.

And finally WWE.  With some big PPVs coming up, Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, and Wrestlemania, I'm expecting things to get interesting with the news that Mr. McMahon is returning to TV tomorrow night.  Looking forward to what he has to say as always.

 So that's it for now!

Hope everyone likes this new format.  A little something for everyone I hope!

See you soon!

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